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Pest control Lehigh Rodents

Rodents can carry many different diseases. Any scratches or bites from them can spread these diseases to you or your loved ones. To make things worse, the urine and feces from these pests can spread a disease which can damage the liver or kidney called leptospirosis.

German Roaches

The legs and bodies of these pests can carry many different diseases that can cause food poisoning and diarrhea among many other illnesses. These are transferred to food, plates, forks, and knives as the German Cockroaches wander in your home in search for food.

Carpenter Ant

These pests love to build nests inside moist, decaying wood. They make homes inside the roof eaves, under windows, decks and porches of your home by chewing out sections and then dumping these wood chunks outside the entrances to their colonies.

Bed Bug

Bed bugs are a form of insect that feed specifically on blood. Some symptoms of having these bugs inside your beds or comforters include rashes, allergic reactions, or even mental disorders such as anxiety, insomnia, and/or nightmares.


pest control lehigh fleas

Fleas are dark colored, wingless insects that feed off the blood of their hosts. These hosts can range from a variety of pets such as birds, dogs, cats, ferrets, and many others. They are even known to feed on the blood of humans as well, causing a spot that is swollen, raised, and itches like a mosquito bite.